WELCOME to our website. If ‘quality’ is the first word that springs to mind when you think of products that have been made in Britain, then you are in the majority. It’s the most common positive trait associated with British products, followed by heritage. However, there is much that Britain has to offer which is very difficult to find in other countries. Our website will help you find British Brands across our country, their direct manufacturers links and British e-shops. Thank you for supporting MADE IN BRITAIN.

British fashion

One of the main countries where fashion designers as well as those who love to follow new fashion trends look for inspiration is England. For centuries, England has provided new fashion trends for the world and even more at present. This is a list of British brands excellent quality fashion clothing and online connection to their e-shops.

English carrs silver

The British are an excellent makers of kitchenware, pottery and tableware. It has a worldwide reputation for its innovative design and quality. The quality and style of tableware can have a huge impact on the vibe of a venue. Your choice of tableware – rustic or sophisticated, eclectic or minimalist - it's communicating, so it pays to choose wisely.

British shoes

Some of the best shoes in the world are still being made in England, and they come with history too. Many are made in their original factories to this day. A number of the shoes on this list are made using traditional methods, including the Goodyear welting technique. This is a list of iconic British brands of shoes and online links to their e-shops.

British sofa

British made furniture is still going strong with both the real traditional designs and new styles from leading designers. Whether you’re after a real bargain for your dining room or a bespoke beauty to take pride of place in your living room, this curated list of UK furniture brands is the perfect starting point for anyone looking for that special piece of furniture. This is a list of British brands and companies which made or sale furniture in UK.

TOP British products

We have personally checked and chosen each and every product on our store to make sure that they are not only made in Britain, but are made by a British business. All products which you can find on this section we recommend to you and of course if you decide to order the product, you will buy directly from original British company. Take a look and discover what the wonderful businesses of made in Britain have to offer. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

red letters

We live and breathe the outdoors, from simple walks and technical hikes, to arduous expeditions and intrepid exploration. The UK is one of the leading markets of outdoor gear, but the sportswear brands do not fall far behind, either. This is a list of British companies manufacturing a selection of leisure items, sports equipment like bikes, walking gear, clothing and other leisure products and online connection to their e-shops.


As we collectively crave comfort and security, British brands are back on trend providing reassuring familiarity and style. With a large range of reasonably priced, gorgeously packaged beauty products that are made locally, this is one area where you really can buy British. But it can still be a challenge to find homemade brands. Which is why we've done the hard work for you. A range of quality Health and Lifestyle products made in United Kingdom and links to their e-shops.

English Dog

It’s hard to ignore the growing evidence highlighting the positive impact pets have on our mental and physical health, with recent studies proving they are much more than a man’s best friend. Pets truly make the world a better place. Website supports independent UK pet brands. You can shop your pets favourites from feeding, walking to sleeping products. This is a list of United Kingdom Pets accessories producers and online links to their e-shops.

London toys

The parents believe they are getting value for money if the toys they buy have educational value as well as entertainment value. The British toy creators put a lot of weight behind research into their products, partly to ensure they will help children to develop but also to protect their bottom line. This is a list of British high-quality toys, games and kids stuff made in United Kingdom and online connection to their e-shops.

London kids

When it comes to British baby brands, there are so many great companies out there producing in the UK. Britain has some excellent childrens and babywear companies designing and manufacturing quality fashionable clothes. The UK is blessed with a number of great online shops stocking organic and Fairtrade-certified kids' clothes. This is a list and online connection to their e-shops.

Old jukebox

There isn't much in a modern hi-fi system that would be familiar to the great 19th century English physicist Michael Faraday. Everyone old enough to remember, talks about the 1970s as the golden age of British hi-fi. Today, the British hi-fi manufacturers does a grand job of sounding big, bold and confident. This is a list and online connection to Music instruments and quality British Hi-Fi equipment makers.

King Edward

The manufacturing industries keeping tradition alive in modern Britain. Industrial manufacturers are taking steps to accelerate growth and their competitive position against a rapidly changing risk environment. Hopefully in this section we can feature some of the very successful British manufacturers and their products. This is a their list and links to their e-shops.

British lighting

Regardless of the type of space you're decorating, there's nothing more important than paying attention to details. From traditional and vintage tastes to modern and bohemian styles, there are so many different ways to improve your home decor and create a personal, unique living space. This is a list of British brands which made or sale goods for the home, house and garden.

British cars

We present here some of the iconic British brands plus some of the support and specialist companies keeping a very British tradition. There are still four British-owned car companies, Bristol, Morgan, Caterham and McLaren, and many more firms manufacture on British soil. Also featured are UK companies making car accessories and links to their e-shops.